Hi, my name is Luke and welcome to my roadside musings. Here I hope to share some stories, quotes, anecdotes and truth nuggets which I’ve come across on the road.

I’m a bricklayer by trade but 5 years ago I started a crazy journey which has landed me where I am today – training to be an Anglican Priest.

I started this blog as a journal of my move into a different kind of lifestyle, spending more of my time journeying with people on the edges, many of whom are poor, lost and wandering. This is because when I met Christ I was poor, lost, and wandering, and in some ways I still am.

We live deep in the primordial soup of creativity that is Luton Town. And we sort of love it. I’ve exchanged my brick-trowel for a Bible and some listening ears, and started working as a Chaplain in Luton.

For more about our madcap life please visit the following places



7 thoughts on “About”

  1. “The purpose of life is a life of purpose.”
    Beautiful thoughts and purposes. I’m thankful for your job and persons like you in the world. All the best.

  2. Who’s THAT then?!

    Luke, I’ve started reading your blog….
    “THERE’S …some sad things known to man” ?!?!

    …there ARE some sad things

  3. Hi Luke. I tend to browse a little of your site when I hit one of those brick walls in service prep, not sure if I get inspiration or just get grounded but it works. Today I spotted the note about your churches 25th Anniversary and the sermon theme about mistake not stopping God. Could you amplify this a little for me as it may be the sermon theme I need to preach for where I am.

    Just done some riding in Lincolnshire and enjoyed some wonderful sunsets, isn’t creation great.


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