‘Searching For Sugar Man’ – Music For Searching Souls

Every once in a while a movie really captures you, and this one fits the bill.

Without spoiling it too much, it’s basically different take on the usual rags-to-riches deal – an underdog story with a difference. The film is a documentary about a mysterious musician by the name of Sixto Rodriguez, who should by all accounts have been big, but never really made it. Bizarrely his music became hugely popular in South Africa, and the documentary follows some South African journalists who go on the hunt for the mysterious story of Rodriguez.

A beautiful story about a beautiful life, with some incredible soulful tunes. The song above – ‘Cause’ – was a particular favourite of mine, starting with the mournful lyrics:

Cause I lost my job two weeks before Christmas
And I talked to Jesus at The sewer
And the Pope said it was none of his God-damned business

In a time when we are all dubious of being sold another story about how we can all be mega rich rockstars or movie-gods, this is a tale of humility, of a man who did what he loved and didn’t care about other people’s ideas of success. His simple outlook on life, the poetic flow of his lyrics and his haunting voice all contribute to a soulful experience of a movie, which will leave you with songs stuck in your head for weeks.

Check out the trailer, and if you’ve seen it, let me know what you thought in the comments below.



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