2015 – A few more steps…

2014 was a big year for us. Just before it came round Jeni gave up her job become a support worker at Azalea, a Christian outreach to women affected by sexual exploitation. I started a degree in Theology, Mission and Ministry with the Church Mission Society, and began working part-time to free time up for ministry.

Now, 3 months into 2015 things have changed even more. In January we sold our house in the little village of Redbourn to move into Luton, and live in the area we have come to love through our work. This meant I was able to give up what was left of my construction business and work in ministry on a more full-time basis. God has been really faithful in this, and more people have joined our support team to help finance our work.

As a part of my work I’ve joined Luton Town Centre Chaplaincy as a chaplain to the poor, marginalised and excluded. This means I can be more strategic in my work, particularly among the poor and homeless.

There have been various challenges during this move, and I don’t cope well with bureaucracy, which doesn’t help! But God is as faithful in the valley as on the mountaintop.

Here on this blog you’ll get a glimpse into the work we’re doing, some of what I’m learning at college, and a few bits of creative reflection. I hope you enjoy journeying with us for another year, and that God will continue to exceed our expectations!

Much peace,


Jeni and Luke xxx


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