Roadside Update – Laying Foundations

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything so I thought it was time for a brief update.



A little ‘Steel Therapy’ from last week, most of my guts are still on the inside which is a bonus

It’s been an exciting and challenging month in many ways. I’m starting to settle in to the change of lifestyle a little more since going down to part-time work to free time up for our mission dreams. This in itself has been a challenge, to begin with my energy levels were a bit all over the place spending half of my week very emotionally and mentally draining and the other half very physically draining working construction. I’m getting used to it now though just in time for another change, but more on that later…

So far I’ve really enjoyed studying on the Pioneer Mission Leadership course with CMS. Investing some time into developing my gifts and expanding my thinking is such a wonderful opportunity for growth. The course feels almost tailor-made for me, there’s intentional freedom to cut your own path of learning and development, which is very freeing. It has it’s challenges and I’m quite far outside my comfort-zone, which is always a good place to be! Training alongside people with all kinds of denominational and theological backgrounds is actually very beneficial, as it forces you to think hard about what you believe and why. I’m working on a more detailed blog post about this which I hope to finish soon.


The word ‘hope’ is a common theme in dialoguing with local leaders

One of the things I’ve enjoyed most so far is taking the time to share our vision for a ‘Rest-Stop for Ragamuffins’ with various Christian ministers and leaders in Luton. I’m truly humbled by the way people have connected with our vision, and the helping hands I’ve been offered already. Something so special is happening in Luton, more and more people are crossing the denominational gaps to find ways of worshipping God by serving the poor. I hear the words ‘justice’, ‘mercy’ and ‘humility’ rolling off the tongues of men and women who are truly engaging in God’s call to befriend the needy. This afternoon I spent an inspiring few hours dialoguing with the leader of a large charity who are engaged in some truly brilliant work journeying with people who have such complex needs. To say I’m excited is an understatement! I never even dared to hope that local leaders would come alongside me the way they have to support the development of our ‘rest-stop’ dream, helping me make contact with the right people and opening doors to access the resources we need. More of the same please God!


Jeni and I have also made the slightly insane decision to try and sell up to move to the outskirts of Luton. This would free up some time and money to invest in fundraising for the cause, and help us connect better on a local level. It seems like God is giving us a real love for the place.


Cooking breakfast like a boss at a bike rally. You learn to live simply when you travel on two wheels…

All the other usual stuff is still happening, although I must confess it’s been hard to find the time and energy for other things lately, but we’re still plugging away. Topped of the bike rally season with a weekend camped out with mates from other clubs, which brought all the usual highs and lows. More and more I see that the journey of life and mission is not all about the mountain tops, the key moments are often the hardest ones where tough decisions have to be made. So to anyone else struggling and up to their knees in effluent, you are not alone. Keep fighting for the dreams God gave you.


Much peace and respect to all, 



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